KILLZALL SUPER CONCENTRATE II 30 Gal. Drums Weed/Grass Killer (Best) Generic Roundup

KILLZALL SUPER CONCENTRATE II Glyphosate 41% Weed and Grass Killer,
Shipping in Lower 48 States.(business to business) THIS PRODUCT GLYPHOSATE IS IN VERY SHORT SUPPLY!

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Mark Blue Spray Indicator Dye indicates preciously where you sprayed.

Industrial Strength, For use on unwanted vegetation.

Comes with our 100% satisfaction Guarantee to work products. Safe around people, pets and children, just let product dry.

Labeled for Farm / Ranch / Landscape / Industrial Sites / City / Counties / Parish / Government / and State labeled USE / Landscapes / Golf Courses / Industrial / Oil field sites / Pond Grasses such as Cattail and Pond weeds / or used exclusively in or for every day use just to keep areas cleaned up of unwanted grass / weeds / or even for brush control.

DO YOU Want to KILL all your weeds and grasses? Then this is your product of choice 30 Gals. KILLZALL SUPER CONCENTRATE II Drums, Weed/Grass Killer considered the very best of the generic roundup products.

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Hi-Yield Super Concentrate MSDS

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We Guarantee this product to work better than the other glyphosates in the US market.
All Glyphosate Products Ship Tuesday and Thursday of the week. Glyphosate ** KILLZ-ALL SUPER CONCENTRATE II ** Glyphosate 30 Gallon Drum


Formulation: 41% Glyphosate w/ double the Surfactant than most products.

Special Offer: Order 1 Case Kill-ZAll II Super Concentrate get FREE DELIVERY on both the Kill-ZAll II Super Concentrate, plus you order 1- TAKE UP 2.5 GAL. (BEST used with ALL HERBICIDES and INSECTICIDES) gets you FREE DELIVERY. This is a must use glyphosate additive for twice the killing power for your case of KillZ-All II Super Concentrate or Round Up products.
Just use 2oz. per gallon water with your Kill-ZAll II Super Concentrate mixture for deep root penetration kills at rapid speed kills.

For great results use 1 - 2.5 gallon jug of our NEW Killer additive Prime Ag Oil KILL/BOOSTER per each 500 gallons of water.

Short, concise consumer-friendly label.
Non-selective weedand grass killer, contains a double-surfactant formulationthat dries on plant fast to start working quickly.
Multipleuse formulation...near fences, in paths, patios, sidewalks,curbs and driveways.
Around ornamental trees, shrubs,flower beds and buildings.
Labeled for lawn renovation,brush and vine control and stump treatment.

Application Rates:

General weed & grass control:
2 to 4 tablespoons per gallon of water
For best killing ratio use at 2-4 oz. of Killz-All generic Roundup per gallon of water. Plus add 1 to 2 oz. of Quik-R-Kill per gallon of water, foe extreme killing results.
Tough weed & brush control:
5 to 8 tablespoons per gallon of water

A 2.5 gallon jug will make as much as 160 - 213 gallons of spray material for grass and weed control.

A 30 gallon drum will make as much as 1920 - 3840 gallons of spray material for grass and weed control.

A 2.5 gallon jug will make 40 gallons of spray material for hard to kill weeds and grass as well as brush.

To kill Cattails always use 8 oz. of Killz-All per gallon of water along with 8 oz. of Quick-R-Kill additive per gallon of water for perfect eradication results.

By adding Quik-R-Kill product enhancer at 4 - 8 oz.per gallon of water to your Killz-All product or any Roundup or generic products.

Using these two easy to use products will increase your killing ratio as much as 30% to 50%.

Americas Seed & Belting Company
a Genetic Science Company

Always add this Surfactant with any of your chemical orders above or below. CLICK HERE for Top Gun Surfactant Non-Iionic 80/20.

Herbicide license required.

NO Herbicide License?
You will need the following. Go Here, this mixture will do the same or even better than the above on your killing results.

CLICK HERE for MSM Patriot WDG 3/10 Oz Per Acre.Plus add this to our Patriot Product.

CLICK HERE for REMEDY ULTRA (Brush and Tree Killer) 3/4 Pint to 1 Pint per acre.

Always add this Surfactant with any of your chemical orders above or below. CLICK Here Top Gun Surfactant Non-Iionic 80/20.