Wrangler Certified Bermudagrass Seed (OSU)

WRANGLER Certified Bermudagrass Seed 50 Lb Bags Plant 15 Lbs per Acre (Shipping will be applied) We recommend you use Sungrazer 777 if you prefer higher yields. Or mix with Wrangler or even go to or pure KF-194

Description: 'Wrangler', an improved seeded forage-type bermudagrass with superior cold tolerance such as our Sungrazer 777. Wrangler was developed using breeding lines licensed by Oklahoma State University.
'Wrangler' an our Sungrazer 777 are widely cold tolerant seed forage bermudagrasses planted in the United States. (Wrangler) Released in 1999, 'Wrangler' has proven itself as one of the cold hardy bermudagrasses available either as pasture, our converting to and hay meadow, Also highly used in conservation uses.
'Wrangler' has survived near Kansas City, MO for more than 10 years without substantial winter kill. It has excellent cold hardiness, drought tolerance, heat tolerance, disease resistance, and grazing resistance.
'Wrangler' has early spring greenup, a medium textured leaf and stem, density greater than the F1 hybrids but less than that of Arizona common, and fast rate of regrowth. The medium leaf and stem characteristics of 'Wrangler' provide the right amount of consistency in the hay to make good quality square bales with an exceptional leaf to stem ratio.

Wrangler has consistently outperformed Guymon, Mirage, and Cheyenne in field test. The overall performance of Wrangler is comparative to Tifton 44 in the forage trials.
The performance of Wrangler and our Sungrazer 777 are exceptional for a seeded varieties when compared to the many hybrid vegetative types.

'Wrangler' is Plant Variety Protected (PVP No. 200000065) and any unauthorized reproduction such as seed production, sprig sales or sod sales are prohibited - U.S. Protected Variety - 1994 PVPA.