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Faster Pasture Heavyweight Ryegrass NEW


Heavyweight Faster Pasture Ryegrass


Sorry this is a VERY LIMITED product. We want you to at least know about it. We can supply you this item but warning there will be a 2 week delay getting it to you.

NEW and Improved Heavyweight Ryegrass a diploid + tetraploid ryegrass, it is even better than our original WinterHawk+WD-40 Ryegrass you have been accustomed to over past years.
50 Lb seed bags.

Works very well for medium heavy grazing at 35 Lb rate per acre.
Planting rates mixed into wheat, oats, or rye fields use 10-20 lbs per acre.

If you want the NEWEST Number #1 sold ryegrasses in the USA, with the very best forage production of all ryegrasses. This is IT. You will get the following performance.
Offers Highest Forage Rating as TOP 1 to 8 Ryegrass testing in the NATION.
The Fastest growing ryegrass for early forage grazing from our new breeding programs Heavyweight Ryegrass is rated as the #1 weight gains for your calves crop, can give 22" to 31" growth in less than 30-50 days. With up to 4000 more production pounds in the spring growth than other ryegrasses, plus even better than our Winterhawk ryegrass + the WD-40 all in a 50/50 blend for superb performance.

Plants can reach 25"-31" in 75 to 80 days with a simple fertility and adequate moisture.

Fast producer for best weight gains on calf and sheep 15 years straight. We offer the highest (TDN) levels in the USA. This will means more money in your pocket.
800-337-9826, 903-640-5000 direct.

HEAVYWEIGHT RYEGRASS seed comes in 50 lb bags
is the newest Genetic brand ryegrass in a mixture.

Planting Rate: Up to 35-50 lbs per acre for heavy stocker grazing and for best hay productions.

Faster Pasture will ship from Americas Seed Warehouse Texas.

Freight charges will be applied as needed.
Call Americas Seed 903-640-5000

With very fast early forage yields, a sustained late yield, high pasture and hay production. This grass really speaks for itself. It's another one of our must try products. It is designed to give you maximum growth from the original WD-40 Ryegrass. It's excellent top quality for grazing. Ryegrass per all Universities, is the #1 nutritional grass on the market for all livestock animals. Ryegrass is best for weight gain on calves, milk production on cows, and bull development.

Click here for Forage Yields from 2010-2011 Ryegrass Variety Trial


FASTER PASTURE RYEGRASS is the best cool season nutrient grass you can feed to any livestock animals.

Plant anywhere from 10 - 50 lbs per acre.
Starter Fertilizer for Maximum production apply 300 lbs. 17-17-17 add 100 lbs. AM 21-0-0-17 per acre. Best result are pre-planting applied.

Topdress Fertilizer apply 300lbs 39-0-0-5S per acre in mid late February to mid March.
Remove cattle or livestock March 1st. for maximum hay production in May.
Hay production starts around 1st of May on into July depending on your location.

Cattle, Horses, Mules, Burros, Donkeys, Bison Buffalo, Water Buffalo, Yak, Pig, Elk, Red Stag,
10,000 square feet of pasture is required per animal.

Llamas, Alpacas, Sheep, Goats, Deer of all type.
5,000 square feet of pasture is required per animal.

Rabbits & All Poultry
500 square feet of pasture is required per animal.

Planting rates for heavy grazing or hay production 35 to 50 lbs per acre, medium grazing plant 35 lbs or less.


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Through leaf tissue analysis, it's shown that through absorption of residual nitrogen, Annual Ryegrass can return approximately 1-1/2 pounds of nitrogen to the soil for every 100 pounds of dry matter plowed down. With time Ryegrass can increase the friability of heavy soils and add bulk to light soils. If left uncut, Annual Ryegrass normally reaches a height of 3-7 feet, and will reseed itself to flourish year after year. It shows vigorous growth in both the spring and fall. This Ryegrass is the TOP growing Ryegrass on the market in USA, CANADA, and MEXICO. NORTHERN AREAS START PLANTING FEBRUARY 15th THROUGH APRIL 30th.

This is a must plant product for every ranchers needs.
Planting rate 33-50 lbs. per acre

Fill free to place your order on our web site. ORDER HERE HEAVYWEIGHT ORDER PAGE.