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Bermuda Grass Seeds Bermuda Grass Seeds Bermuda Grass Seeds Bermuda Grass Seeds Bermuda Grass Seeds Bermuda Grass Seeds Bermuda Grass Seeds Bermuda Grass Seeds

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Spring Deer Blends
HI PRO Energy
Seed Blend


50 lb
Plant 15 lbs. out to 85 lbs. per acre

Shipping will apply.

Products will work from late spring till first killing frost.(example: BUCKWHEAT last only 45-60 days)

ALL in a 50LB BAGS

Most deer food plots are established with cool season plants that attempt to manage deer distribution or help deer through the winter stress period. There is, however, another season of the year that white-tailed deer may be nutritionally stressed. Late summer is a time when native warm season plants mature and decline in quality.

This is a time when does are lactating, fawns are growing and being weaned, and bucks are developing antlers. All of these biological functions require a quality diet that only comes from actively growing plants. There might be situations when the summer stress period is more critical than the winter stress period.

The need to establish warm season or cool season food plots should be carefully evaluated. Many variables need to be considered. Goals, estimated deer numbers and other wildlife populations, types and relative abundance of native plants important to wildlife on your ranch, costs of establishing food plots, annual and seasonal rainfall, soil type, adaptation of plants to your area, and livestock grazing are important to know before planting food plots.

What type forage should you plant in a food plot? Most people have ideas of what to plant for the winter stress period so lets examine some possibilities for a food plot targeting the potential summer stress period. The following may be some good choices depending on your soil type and average rainfall:

Forage Seeding Rate (lbs/ac)* Planting Date

American jointvetch planting rate alone 5-10, planting dates May-June
Alyceclover planting rate alone 10-20, planting dates May-June
Soybean planting rate alone 15-60, planting dates April-June
Cowpeas planting rate alone 15-60, planting dates April-June
White clover planting rate alone 4-8, planting dates April-July
Grain sorghum planting rate alone 8-20, planting dates May-June
Chufa planting rate alone 25-50, planting dates May-June
Sweet clover planting rate alone 15-20, planting dates September-October
*Seeding rate is for planting single species.

Planting a mix of forage types in one food plot is often a good idea. This will increase the odds of at least one of the forage types surviving, resulting in a successful planting. Also, different forages in the same food plot will provide more value to more wildlife species in the same area.

Which clover would be best to plant with your wheat, ryegrass and oats that grows longer out in the summer. We have a small club and have been planting wheat ryegrass and oats only for our fall plots, and iron clay peas for our summer plot. We were wondering if we planted clover in our fall plots would it be carry out in the summer so we would not need to plant peas in the summer?

A mixture of wheat, ryegrass oats, crimson clover, and arrowleaf clover winter peas works well. This would be the Genetic Seed companies Hi Pro Fall Whitetail Deer Blend. Crimson clover growth will be slow until late winter then rapid growth will begin. Crimson clover will mature in late March to mid-April. At that point, arrowleaf clover will mature during late June to early July. The seeding rate per acre for the HI-PRO FALL WHITETAIL DEER BLEND is 120 lbs wheat, ryegrass, oats, crimson clover, arrowleaf clover per acre.
You can plant less if you have small deer population per acre, but please remember you will need to increase your planting rate every year has more and more deer fine your fall and summer food plots. (example: 2 to 3 deer everday average will increase to 40 deer per day average per food plot in 10 years when we used the Genetic Seed products that are already premixed for there custmers.) Donot forget to us this for the summer program, HI PRO ENERGY SPRING DEER BLEND

Another thought will to add just the Genetic Seed companies Wildlife Clover Mixture in a conveint 10 lb. bag which will do 1 acre for your plots. This will have 7 different seed varities that last till April all the way through August before they go dormant, also several of the plants will return for 2 to 5 years with out replanting.

Remember to always have several acres of food plots than just 1 acre or your deer herd will possible over power the 1 acre crop which will dissatisfy lot of deer hunters into thinking the food plot are not working correctly, when the whole time the deer herd kept the crop eaten to short.


With the NEW Genetic Seed varieties, along with AGRI GRO nitrogen fixation in your soil, FASTER PASTURE CRIMSON RED DIXIE ROOTER CLOVER, FASTER PASTURE HAIRY VETCH, and FASTER PASTURE COMMON VETCH, by Genetic Seeds increase of the plants root mass. Genetics nitrogen fixation credits are reaching as HIGH as 230 pounds per acre. A must use products for todays high fertility cost.