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Roundup Pro 50.2% Concentrate
(Strongest) Liquid Roundup
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ROUNDUP PRO 50.2% Concentrate 2x2.5 gl Case, single 2.5 gl Jug,
need a little help just call.

Click ME for Kill boosting agent (Roundup or Glyphosate Additive)for rapid chemical intake. AMS will improve control when using Roundup. If you're not sure, AMS is pretty cheap, and might be a good insurance policy.

Mark Blue Spray Indicator Dye indicates preciously where you sprayed.

A 2.5 gallon jug will make as much as bruch killing 160 - grass and weed killing 640 gallons of spray material for grass and weed control.
Our company Genetic Seed & Chemical is the National Distributor for ALL ROUNDUP PRO PRODUCTS
Call 800-337-9826 ask for Rocky if you need help. What ever our UPS rate will be will be your freight charge NO added cost to you. THIS PRODUCT GLYPHOSATE IS IN VERY SHORT SUPPLY FOR 2013! Monsanto issued price increased 03/07/2013

This is the NUMBER 1 SOLD MONSANTO SCOTTS Roundup 50.2% Concentrated herbicide in the USA in 1- 2.5 gallon jug or 2-2.5 gallon jugs, Industrial Strength, For use on all type unwanted vegetation.

If you prefer larger our SPECIAL 2013 MULTIPLE case price for 2 - 2.5 gallon jugs please click the small triangle on right in the white pricing area.

Comes with our 100% satisfaction Guarantee to work products. Safe around people, pets and children, just let product dry.

Labeled for Aerial Equipment / Ground Broadcast Equipment / Hand-Held Equipment / Selective Equipment / CDA Equipment / Injection Equipment / Farm / Ranch / Landscape / Industrial Sites / City / Counties / Parish / Government / and State labeled USE / Roadsides / Railroads / Landscapes / Golf Courses / NON Crop Areas / Industrial / Oil field sites / Habitat Site Management / Park, Recreational, Residential Areas / Utility Sites / Pasture and Rangelands / always follow Label and Site and Use instructions. Used exclusively in or for every day use, just to keep areas cleaned up of unwanted grass / weeds / or even for brush control.

This is the Strongest Liquid Roundup SALE LAST TILL SUPPLY IS EXHAUSTED! Comes with our 100% satisfaction Guarantee to work products.

Most used liquid Roundup product in the USA Canada Mexico market place.

Roadside and Utility Management Information

Quick Roundup Pro® Concentrate Facts
Controls unwanted vegetation.
Keeps roads, public spaces and even aquatic areas clear of weeds.
One-hour rain warranty.

Roundup uses the active ingredient glyphosate. Different formulations of Roundup (and mimics from other companies) utilize different surfactants and other additives, but in every case it is glyphosate doing the dirty work. Glyphosate kills plants by binding to an enzyme called EPSP synthase.
This prevents the normal functioning of the enzyme, and when the enzyme is blocked, the plant cannot form 3 critical amino acids and soon dies.

Click here: Need a Roundup Roller Edger without spraying, for hard to spray areas that need that delicate touch.

Click here to order our ROUNDUP 50.2% PROFESSIONAL 4 Gallon BACKPACK SPRAYER.

Click here for Label Roundup Pro Concentrate 50.2% Glyphosate

Roundup® ROUNDUP PRO CONCENTRATE 50.2% This is the strongest Roundup in a liquid that Monsanto makes. We have hundreds of orders every week just for this product (1) 2.5 GL. Jug, (2) - 2.5 Gl. Jugs (1 Case) or (5 Cases July Special 10 - 2.5 Gl. Jugs) NO FREE SHIPPING Lower 48 USA, plus we will also add you with each jugs purchase to the next lucky chance at winning the next Lotto Texas Millions.(see below)

Hard to kill woody type plants may be killed with Roundup concentrate at higher volume mixing rates.
Patients with herbicides is the key to controlling your problem areas.
Always have a spray tank ready to spray your Roundup product as soon as you see your problem plant at 1" to 4" tall or wide, try to spray every evasive plant as quick as possible. Rhizome plants are a year after year control program.

Roundup Pro 50.2% Concentrate come in the following (1)-2.5 gallon jugs. or (2)2.5 gallon case.
Order 1 Jug or in Case our number 1 sold generic Round Up or glyphosate product is Kill-ZAll II Super Concentrate.
Roundup Pro
Kill-ZAll II Super Concentrate gets you

A post-emergent, systemic product with no soil residual activity. Roundup Pro Concentrate gives a broad spectrum control of many annual weeds, perennial weeds, woody brush and trees.

Formulated as a water-soluble liquid containing 50.2% glyphosate and 14.5% surfactant. No additional surfactant is needed or recommended. Product may be used in general non-crop areas.

Mixes as 1.6 ounces and up for best killing per gallon of water.

Labeled for general weed control including ornamental nurseries, turf and sod farms, fencerows and ditchbanks.
20% more concentrated than 41% formulations.

Thank You for your purchase from Genetic Seed, Americas Seed & Belting and Worldly Buys.

We will offer this pricing for a limited time, our selling of this product fluxuates on a weekly bases up and down, prices at this time are on a rise, so get yours now before they are back to $254.50 a jug.

Due to the frequent fluctuation of product costs, we are asking all of our customers to call our office to speak to a salesperson for an accurate price quote if you see our product price after a said deadline date listed.

Our office phone is 903-640-5000 or you can send an email to Rocky Phillips at with your question(s) and we will respond to your email. In the email, please list the products you are interested in purchasing from us. Thank you.

Active ingredients a 50.2% from Monsanto.

Compare there product price to ours, Y pay more for the same killing action on your weeds and grass.

Seller reserves the right to replace with and equal product only if seller is out of the supply of said above product.

Extra Charges for delivery into Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.COMPARE

Formulation: 41% Glyphosate w/ double the Surfactant than most products.

Short, concise consumer-friendly label. Non-selective weedand grass killer, contains a double-surfactant formulationthat dries on plant fast to start working quickly. Multipleuse formulation...near fences, in paths, patios, sidewalks,curbs and driveways. Around ornamental trees, shrubs,flower beds and buildings. Labeled for lawn renovation,brush and vine control and stump treatment.