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Bermuda Grass Seeds Bermuda Grass Seeds Bermuda Grass Seeds Bermuda Grass Seeds Bermuda Grass Seeds Bermuda Grass Seeds Bermuda Grass Seeds Bermuda Grass Seeds

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Survivalist Fastest Rapid Growing Vegetable
Seed Kits
(41 Varieties) 195,000+ Seeds


Fast Rapid Growing Tastiest Vegetable Seeds Kits and Survivalist kits(41 Item) over 194,500-195,500 Seeds in this kit.

How to grow a successful tasty quality vegetable crop year after year.

1st. Year
We have put together for you to plant the,
Fastest Growing,
Highest Production Yields,
Tastiest Vegetable Type Varieties.
For all type situations, in your surrounding environment.
Whether for just planting a home grown fresh garden vegetables or for canning goods for your personal storage purposes.
Or even growing your tasty vegetables for reselling at your local Farmers Market for that extra added income.

These are Survivalist Fastest Rapid Growing Vegetable Seeds Kit (41 Varieties) 194,500 to 195,500 Seed in a handy convenient kit, designed for the possibility of severe or suddenly and forcibly needed in a crisis situations, this could be any event that is, or expected to lead to, an unstable and dangerous situations.

YOU WILL WANT the quickest of any growing type vegetable plants for an early food source.

Always keep a 2 year storage supply of our seeds for your added safe seed source for next year crop and growing season.

2nd. Year
Use your 2nd years backup seeds storage stock kit, you stored away from first year purchase, now your second years coming growing season is set without any worry's.
Now (2nd year) this is the time to purchase another supply of seeds to restock your stored back up supply for the following year growing season.

3rd. Year
Just repeat 2nd. Year over and over year after year. You will be very successful with this method.

What survivalist seed sources tell have a forever supply in a storage canister of vegetable seeds for backup purposes in case of troubled times. Well you do to some extent, BUT NOT ALL SEEDS WILL BE VIABLE.(Capable of working successfully; or feasibly: "the proposed investment was not economically viable for some seed types during long term storage methods".)

What you don't know is a good seed supply usually will last in storage and average of 2 to 5 years (depends on varieties and the method of storage) before you need to replenish seed supplies.
Click here for Vegetable Seed Longevity Periods

Our (OP) seeds you can save for following years seed crop if needed, without any worries of yield or germination loss, these will plant for your next season crop year after year. We however do not recommend this method till you absolutely have to rely on a shortage situation. The two year kits purchase and the use one and store the second method, assures you always have a fresh backup source of seeds to plant every year. Then in hard times using freshest seeds for planting to get you by.

In this kit we will supply you (OP) Open Pollinated, as well as the best (HY) Hybrid cross breeds for there High Production supply of vegetables, there will be very few of these (HY) in your seed kits and well worth having as a great food source. What we will not supply you are (GMO) Genetically Modified Organisms type seeds. What few (HY) seeds we will supply in our kits either stay the same variety or change itself back to one of its original parents seeds and usually this is and old style (OP) variety. And to your surprise will still produce a very tasty edible vegetable and a very good high production crop source.
What you are purchasing are listed below.

Beets 55V178 Early Wonder 52 1/4 Oz 500

Beans 55V327 Strike 55 200 Seed 200
Beans 55V208 Contender 49 2 Oz 250

Carrots 55V328 Parisian 58 1/4 Oz 5500

Cabbage 55V337 Blue 57 Hy 500 Seed 500
Cabbage 55V266 Michihili Chihili 75 1/4 Oz 2300

Cucumbers 55V080 Homemade Pickles 57 1/4 Oz 250
Cucumbers 55V542 Green Long 35 1/8 Oz 250

Lettuce 55V139 Iceberg 82 1/4 Oz 6600
Lettuce 55V280 Great Lakes 659G 75 1/4 Oz 6600
Lettuce 55V106 Buttercrunch 60 1/4 Oz 6600
Lettuce 55V138 Black Seeded Simpson 44 1/4 Oz 6600
Lettuce 55V192 Salad Bowl 47 1/4 Oz 6600

Greens 55V371 Arugala/Roquette 40 1/8 Oz 3300
Greens 55V513 Corn Salad 50 1/4 Oz 6600
Greens 55V190 Gourmet Salad Blend 50 1/8 Oz 3300
Greens 55V260 Mesclun Mix 50 1/8 Oz 3300
Greens 55V373 Mizuna 40 1/8 Oz 3300
Greens 55V338 Pak-Choy White 45 1/4 Oz 6600
Greens 55V378 That Soi 45 1/8 Oz 3300

Okra 55V124 Dwarf Long Green Pod 50 2 Oz 1000

Peas 55V096 Mammoth Melting Sugar 60 2 Oz 250
Peas 55V228 Alaska WR 55 2 Oz 250

Chili Pepper 55V162 Banana 65 1/8 Oz 550

Sweet Pepper 55V144 Yolo Wonder B Improved 75 1/8 Oz 550

Radish 55V104 Champion 28 1/4 Oz 900
Radish 55V128 Cherry Belle 22 1/4 Oz 900
Radish 55V232 Early Scarlet Globe 23 1/4 Oz 900
Radish 55V198 Sparkler 25 1/4 Oz 900
Radish 55V416 Watermelon 29 Radish 1/4 Oz 900
Radish 55V153 White Icicle 1/4 Oz 900

Spinach 55V073 Noble Giant 43 1/4 Oz 700

Squash 55V397 Eight Ball F1 35 100 Seed 100
Squash 55V003 General Patton 42 100 Seed 100
Squash Winter 55V339 Spaghetti 90 1/4 Oz 25
Squash Winter 55V119 Table Queen Acorn 80 1/4 Oz 60

Swiss Chard 55V141 Fordhook Giant 60 1/4 Oz 230
Swiss Chard 55V217 Golden Sunrise 53 1/8 Oz 230
Swiss Chard 55V065 Ruby Red 59 1/8 Oz 230

Turnips 55V054 Purple Top 57 4 Oz 56000
Turnips 55V102 Shogoin 42 4 Oz 56000

Estimated Total Seeds 194,000 - 195,500

Cans 55VCAN Can 1
Pails 55VPail Pail 1 $7.50 extra charge for Storage Pails
At this time we will provide Free Shipping on this size packaging.
If our supply of one of the listed seeds above is diminished we will substitute with the next best variety to add to your seed kits.

Things we are able to do for you, package your special seed needs in 1/4 lb., 1/2 lb., 1 lb., 5 lb., 10 lb., 25 lb., or in 50lb storage pails if desired. There are added charges depending on your changes made.
If at any time you would like us to make your on personal seed kits in same size packaging using different seed items from our vegetable seed list, or in a larger size packaging of each item you prefer please just ask.
This request will need to be emailed to our company at the type changes you wish made to the package kit along with your phone number and contact information, we will call you to verify items before we start on your kits.
You may wish to call us at 800-337-9826 with any questions you my have. Our Contact Us Here Americas Seeds
We charge and additional $30.00 preparation fee for this service before start up of your seed change request.